Diesel Retrofit

The Diesel Retrofit Colorado program is designed to help on- and off-road diesel operators voluntarily reduce diesel emissions while saving money. The program leverages funds from a variety of sources to create effective projects that address the specific needs of fleets in the Denver Metro Area.

Funding Availability

The Diesel Retrofit program accepts application on a year-round basis.  The application can be accessed via the link below, and must be signed by a fleet representative prior to submittal.


Interested fleets must operate in the nine county metro Denver area or along the Colorado Front Range. Fleets seeking funding must also be registered, and in good standing, with the Colorado Secretary of State.  For more information regarding fleet eligibility, please access the application above, or contact our staff.


The Diesel Retrofit Colorado program supports a range of technologies that include:

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)
  • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Engine and Hydraulic Preheaters
  • Trailer Fairings

Technologies not listed above may also be eligible for program funding.  Please contact our staff with any questions.

Contact Information

Matt Mines
P: 303.629.5450 x210
Email Matt