Learn about funding for alternative fuel vehicles and the supporting fueling infrastructure.

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Learn about funding for both on and off-road diesel vehicle emission reduction equipment and technology.
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Learn about funding for electric vehicles and electric vehicle service equipment.
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About Us

Clean Air Fleets is a public-private initiative of the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) to improve local air quality across the Denver Metro Area / Northern Front Range through a variety of programs that reduce ozone precursors. To accomplish this goal, Clean Air Fleets:

  • Identifies opportunities and leverages funds from a variety of sources to create effective projects that reduce harmful emissions in the Denver Metro Area. Education and outreach are an integral part of these programs to ensure community understanding, adoption and sustainability.
  • Engages and enables local governments, school districts, private, off-road and over-the-road fleets to voluntarily reduce emissions in a cost-effective and efficient manner to the benefit of the region’s public health. Programs have included extensive diesel retrofits, idle reduction technologies, electric and alternative fueled vehicles.
  • Develops collaborative initiatives to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality for the benefit of the region.
  • Clean Air Fleets continuously evaluates new opportunities to improve regional air quality.