Colorado Wired Workplaces


Have you recently installed EVSE at your business, or are you considering it?  If so, becoming a wired workplace is easy.  Follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be a wired workplace in no time.

  1.  Send an email to employees.  The email should ask how many employees own an EV, are considering purchasing one, and how far they drive to work.  CEO and RAQC have drafted an email for employers to help develop an understanding of how many charging stations and what type of charging stations to install.  Consult with your local Refuel Fleet Coach to understand your charging needs based on the number of interested employees in your organization.
  2. Research EVSE and optimal site.  Working with a vendor or an electrician can help determine the best EVSE for your needs and an optimal location.  Consider what locations maximize vehicle access to the stations and minimize costs.  For example, a station in the middle of four parking spots may be able to serve more vehicles, but your parking lot may not be conductive to that arrangement.
  3. Develop workplace charging policies.  These policies should include whether to recover the cost of electricity, managing the parking queue, and whether members of the public can access your EVSE, and other issues that are important to your employees.  Check in with a Refuel Fleet Coach or consult DOE resources for help.
  4. Consider available grants.  Employers may apply for a competitive grant covering up to 80% in EVSE unit and installation costs through the Charge Ahead Colorado program.  To qualify for the grant, equipment may not be purchased or installed prior to a final funding decision made by CEO or RAQC.
  5. Install the station.  As part of the installation process, post signage/or stripe the pavement to delineate EV spots, and consider safety components like bollards.
  6. Celebrate the accomplishment!  Host a ribbon-cutting ceremony, write a press release, or hold an EV ride-and-drive to celebrate.  Additionally, the state will aware a plaque signed by Governor Hickenlooper to your workplace.


For questions about the Charge Ahead Colorado program, contact Matt Mines