Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Owning or leasing an electric vehicle (EV) offers benefits to the motoring public and our surrounding communities, including improving our air quality, long-term cost reductions in car ownership, and significant tax incentives that are not offered to owners of conventionally fueled vehicles. Read below to find out more about these benefits, for more information on where you can purchase or lease an EV and where you can find Colorado’s many publicly available charging stations.


Air Quality

Conventionally fueled vehicles are major contributors to our summertime ozone pollution in the Denver metropolitan area.  Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are fueled by electricity that comes directly from the power grid. These vehicles produce zero to minor tailpipe emissions, improving the region’s air quality.


Cost Efficiency

Compared to other transportation fuels, electricity is the cheapest. Since 2011, the national price of gasoline has averaged $3.46, while the price of an eGallon has averaged only $1.19 (Source: Alternative Fuels Data Center). Both time and money can be saved when fuel savings are combined with reduced visits to public fueling stations. (Source: Colorado Energy Office, Refuel Colorado)


Tax Incentives

Consumers in Colorado qualify for up to $13,500 between federal and state tax credits for owning an EV. Click on the links below for Refuel Colorado’s Alternative Fuel Calculator to calculate your tax credit for owning an EV and for more comprehensive information on EVs.


Refuel Colorado Alternative Fuel Calculator

Electric Vehicles Overview


Where to find EVs

A number of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and all-electric vehicles (EVs) are available from a variety of automakers. Click on the links below for more information on where to find EVs.


Find out where these vehicles are available

Find and compare alternative fuel vehicles, engines and hybrid systems

Price summary and the types of EVs available


Where to find Alternative Fueling & Charging Stations

Colorado offers more than 300 alternative fueling stations, about 200 electric vehicle charging stations and more than 400 charging outlets throughout the state. Click on the links below for the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) Alternative Fueling Station Locator and to see where charging stations are located in Colorado.


Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations in Colorado