Natural Gas


Program Overview

Funding is available for natural gas and propane vehicles through the ALT Fuels Colorado Vehicle Program to help public and private fleets achieve clean, cost effective, and efficient operations. The program has helped many public, non-profit, and private fleets in Colorado’s ozone non attainment area and carbon monoxide maintenance areas to transition their fleets to natural gas and propane vehicles. To view a full list of projects awarded through ALT Fuels Colorado Vehicle Program to date, please click here.

Funding Availability

RAQC is currently taking applications for natural gas and propane vehicle funding through our ALT Fuels Colorado Vehicle Program. In most cases, the RAQC has funding for 80% of the incremental cost between the alternatively fueled vehicle and the equivalent conventionally fueled vehicle. A 20% match on the vehicle cost is required to participate in the program. The RAQC does not have funding for natural gas or propane infrastructure. For more information on funding for natural gas or propane infrastructure, please see the Refuel Colorado website, run by the Colorado Energy Office.


Interested fleets must operate in the seven county metro Denver area or along the Colorado Front Range. Please visit our ALT Fuels Colorado Vehicle Program page or contact the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) to determine if your fleet is eligible for funding.

Eligible vehicles include school buses, trash trucks, water trucks, delivery vehicles, transit buses and other on-road vehicles greater than 6,001 GVW.


Please visit our ALT Fuels Colorado Vehicle Program page or  contact RAQC staff for application materials.


Using natural gas vehicles can benefit a fleet’s bottom line and help improve air quality in Colorado. The following list outlines a number of benefits to natural gas fleet vehicles.

– Natural gas is domestically produced and decreases United States reliance on foreign oil
– Natural gas is less expensive than diesel
– When compared to conventional fuel sources, natural gas vehicles emit fewer harmful pollutants
– Natural gas vehicles promote greening government initiatives


For a complete listing of the many benefits associated with reduced emissions and improved air quality, please see the Benefits tab.