Charge Ahead Colorado Resources

Charge Ahead Colorado is a jointly managed program between the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) and the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) to incentivize the deployment of charging stations (EVSE) and electric vehicles (EV). Please see below for a list of resources for the Charge Ahead Colorado Program. All interested parties are required to submit the project application.

Examples of Successful Applications

Please note that the application has changed since these examples were submitted. Please click here for the latest application.

Cooperative Purchasing Opportunities

For the Cooperative Purchasing Opportunities below, it is anticipated that awardees use the same charging station and contractor. Due to the nature of these projects, the contractor will need to re-quote site specific costs.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Final Grant Documentation and Reporting Templates

Please see the application for all documentation required for reimbursement and information on reporting requirements.

Other EV and EVSE Resources