Clean Air Fleets

Clean Air Fleets (CAF) is a regional public-private initiative of the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) to help on- and off-road diesel operators voluntarily reduce diesel emissions while saving money. CAF identifies opportunities and leverages funds from a variety of sources to implement effective programs that meet the specific needs of fleets in the Denver metro region. CAF, started in 2003, provides information on, and funding for, retrofit technologies and advances in diesel emissions mitigation. Staff promotes awareness of current diesel issues through workshops and fleets visits. Funding opportunities available through CAF can be found on this website. 

Clean Air Fleets

What’s New

Charge Ahead Colorado to Showcase Electric Vehicles at Denver Auto Show

Charge Ahead Colorado will showcase electric vehicles at the Denver Auto Show April 8-12. Come see what electric vehicles are all about!

-   Learn about the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles

-   Get informed about financial incentives and station and at-home charging options

-   Map charging station locations near home, workplace or travel routes

-   See first-hand some popular electric vehicle models available